What We Do?

We are committed to achieving the best possible outcomes for our students – who are often some of the most vulnerable young people in our society – and we are committed to providing the top quality, individualised learning packages that they deserve.

With this in mind, our current services include: Our Alternative Provisions, Outreach Work,
Training and Consultancy.


At all our sites, we have created a calm, safe, small group environment that encourages all our students to flourish. We deliver concentrated short-term interventions or ongoing longer-term support as required.

Our bright, modern premises provide the perfect environment for students to succeed. The small-group settings offer a safe, settled and structured venue where young people can overcome their anxieties and begin to develop and learn. Our staff employ a range of nurturing and therapeutic techniques and activities that raise self-esteem, increase social and emotional insight and enable students to regulate their behaviours.

​As well as focusing on nurture, we also incorporate more formal learning into our sessions. We support young people through accredited academic and vocational qualifications up to GCSE standard, or beyond.


When it is beneficial to the young person, staff from The Unity Project (SY) can also support students in a range of locations. This is usually within a school or college, residential care setting or other appropriate venue. Often, we support the young person on a 1:1 basis, and we can also offer support within lessons or whilst the young person attends other vocational placements.

We find this approach can optimise the student’s chances of securing qualifications, particulaly for older students who are nearing the end of their time at school or college, and is also invaluable in supporting students whose anxieties prevent them accessing other environments, or after intervention, are reintegrating back into a mainstream setting.


We are extremely keen to share what we know and do!

Our staff are available to deliver training and consultancy services regarding all aspects of nurturing and teaching students who have social, emotional and mental health difficulties.


In addition to exploring the theory and research in this field, we are also in the very privileged position of being able to provide real, practical, proven strategies for use in the classroom. Our training will enlighten and empower your staff and enable them to best support your students.

We deliver training to trainee teachers, NQTs, support staff and other professionals who work with vulnerable young people, and we will tailor our training to meet your requirements


In a consultancy capacity, our staff have extensive experience of working with other schools/provisions in order to advise on how to successfully create their own nurture environment. To take advantage of our experience and services, please contact us.