The Unity Project (SY) typically receives referrals from:
  1. Mainstream Primary and Secondary Schools
  2. Special Schools
  3. Virtual Schools
  4. Local Authorities
  5. Social Care
  6. MAST / High Support Services

We understand that sometimes referrals need to be made swiftly, and we will ensure that they are completed within a few days when necessary. Referrals are made via the following process:

  1. Initial contact from referring professional
  2. Completion and return of The Unity Project (SY) Referral Form
  3. Meeting with The Unity Project (SY) staff, student, parents/carers and other relevant professionals
  4. Completion and return of Service Level Agreement
  5. Student’s place is guaranteed and the placement begins 

If you know someone who would benefit from our intervention, or to find out more about what we do, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

We are based in the North of Sheffield and welcome students from Sheffield and all surrounding authorities.